Community generated guided meditations
for the clinical environment

To assist in the reduction of physiological stress by providing access to guided training and experience of proven meditation techniques delivered online.
— Our vision statement


Each of the following represents a different technique for achieving a meditative state.

Guided Visualisation

The practice of creating a picture in your minds eye.

Title: Our place in the universe
Written and voiced by: Bevan Lynch
Music: TBA
Blurb: An awareness expanding journey to the outer edge of the universe, and deep within yourself. Experience an awareness of the entire scale of the universe.


The practice of expanding your awareness in the present moment.

Title: TBA
Written and voiced by: TBA
Music: TBA
Blurb: TBA

Intense focus

The practice of unwavering focus on a single object or sound

Title: Candle Gaze
Written and voiced by:TBA
Music: abbey chimes and chanting
Blurb: Fix your gaze on the candle and return to it whenever you find yourself drifting.

yoga vedanta

Let go of all practice and what you are left with is the self in its purest form.

Title: Discourse on the topic of yoga
Written and voiced by: TBA (suggest John Weddepohl)
Music: TBA
Blurb: Sit at the feet of the gurus and hear the wisdom of the ages.

Profoundly healing rest

A bodyscan meditation to develop and strengthen the bodymind, promote physiological relaxation and release physical stress.

Title: Profoundly healing rest
Written and voiced by: Louise Gilmore of the Awareness Institute
Music : None
Blurb: Using focused awareness, intentionally relax each part of your body in time with the breath to achieve a deep state of conscious sleep.


Cakra balancing

Awaken the kundalini energy in the spine to balance and open the 7 main cakras of the energetic body.

Title: Awakening
Written and voiced by: TBA
Music: Live crystal singing bowls and colour projection
Blurb: Tune into the frequency of colour and sound for each cakra and visualise yourself resonating with the mandalas to unblock any blockages and experience a deep sense of energetic alignment.

Sense withdrawal

Turn your awareness within and discover the amazing world of subtle conscious experience that exists within your own being.

Title: Within the fold

Written by: TBA
Voiced by: TBA
Music: TBA
Blurb: We turn our attention within and remain unattached to external sensory input. Focusing only on that which lies within, we come to understand the complexity and marvel of the conscious microcosm of the human bodymind.



Take a journey into a deep yet wakeful meditative state and experience pure consciousness by listening to a powerful healing group Om.

Title: The original sound
Music: Group Aum.
Blurb: The sound of Aum is said to be the sound of the creation of the cosmos. The original sound. The sound of the sun. Join us in an epic Aum to celebrate the primal creative force.


The practice of chanting mantra together in call and response.

Title: song of the heart
Written and voiced by: TBA (suggest Vanessa Forbes)
Music: Guitar
Blurb: Be uplifted and soar with a beautiful kirtan of easy to follow soulful chants.

song lines

Be transported to a higher vibrational state by the healing power of sound.

Title: Digeridoo
Written and voiced by: TBA (suggest Steve Mazabow)
Music: Digeridoo
Blurb: Let go of the past and allow blocked energy to be cleared while listening to the songs of creation.

Deep Shamanic Meditation

Be guided on a journey into the shamanic realm toward healing.

Title: Deep Shamanic Meditation
Written and voiced by: TBA
Music: drums and rattles
Blurb: Let go of the past and allow yourself to transform into who you are.

Earth healing

Create and hold a strong intention of healing for the earth.

Title: Earth Healing meditation
Written and voiced by: TBA
Music: Handpan (suggest Prahbu Osoniqs)
Blurb: Direct the full power of intention toward the universal goal of healing and peace for earth, balancing its energy, and bringing into harmony all its inhabitants and ecosystems.