Proposal for an intentional guided meditation project
in collaboration
with The Awareness Institute


To create community generated guided meditation content for the clinical environment in collaboration with the Awareness Institute (AI).

This is achieved by inviting the awareness institute community to come together on a regular basis to record powerful intention infused sessions such as mantra sound journeys and guided meditations with high quality audio equipment.

The recordings are then made available for download by the wider community via the AI website.


This program is an evolution of my self funded intentional healing aum event held on the 30th April at Studios 301. The event was an overwhelming success and produced some truly moving moments. Many people on the day were interested to know when the next event would be. I met a number of interesting people wanting to be involved and also those who wanted to use the material for their own practice. So the next logical step is to do it again, drawing from all the experience I gained, and within a structure that supports as many people as possible. The awareness institute would make a fantastic collaborative partner in such an endeavor.

program outline

The program is opened with an indigenous healing ceremony where we set the healing intention for the program.

Each of the intentional sessions is led by a variety of experts in fields such as

  • meditation
  • sound journeys
  • kirtan chanting
  • mantra
  • yoga vedanta
  • energetic healing
  • Tribal drumming/Medicine drums
  • Indigenous healing wisdom

A working summary of potential sessions can be found here.

Session structure

Each session will begin with a short lecture on the topic of the day and then lead into a guided experience followed by a Q&A sharing circle.  Each session is 60 minutes long and is recorded with professional quality audio equipment.

10 minutes - Introduction
20 minutes - Theory
20 minutes - Practice
20 minutes - Sharing circle/Q&A

creative Output

Theory sessions are cut into an AI lecture series available as online training.

Practice sessions are cut into discrete tracks intended for use in a clinical setting, or as part of a personal home practice.
These sessions are provided at no cost to the contributors in attendance at the time of recording and bundled with the lecture series as part of a special offer as well as being available for public license via the AI website.

Q&A sessions would make a lovely free podcast for students and the wider community of energy healers, light workers and practitioners in holistic wellness. Exposure from such a series has the potential to positively impact the profile and attendance of the college.


The process begins with an AI marketing campaign advertising the program as with any other course. 

The attendees arrive at the session and participate in the recordings, adding their unique voices and intentions to the tracks.

The high quality recordings of the lectures, practices and Q&As are split up and bundled into discrete offerings.
In post production the sessions are isolated, cleaned up and mixed. The tracks are then completed with an AI intro/outro.

The clips are then published via streaming service or downloaded via the awareness institute website.



The stated aim of the project is to enable holistic wellness, not to make large profits. Funding enables the project to run smoothly,  achieve its stated goals and be completed with a sense of freedom and fun. A comprehensive operating budget will be prepared in consultation with AI upon request.

In summary the main costs are:

  • Rental of the space
  • Cost of engaging the speaker
  • Production of the recordings.

The funds to make this program a success could flow from:

  • Attendance fees
  • Sale of online training collection
  • Sale of high quality practice tracks to practitioners for use in a clinical setting, and to the public for personal practice

The project also has social collateral in the form of strong community building and goodwill, opening channels to the following:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Donation


I see a project that actively and intentionally brings people together to hold a healing space for others, and in the process - themselves.

I also see this as an alumni project, and an opportunity for past and current Awareness Institute students to be involved, hopefully gaining valuable experience and the confidence to share their unique voices and build their profiles in a safe and encouraging environment.

I see this as a collaborative proposal.  I invite you to contribute your own ideas and vision so that we may create something that truly reflects the unique culture of the Awareness Institute and its community.

All the best,

Bevan Lynch.