Crystal Singing Bowls

The Studio now has a full octave set of pitched 440Hz (+-20c) quartz crystal singing bowls to compliment the collection of Tibetan singing bowls.

The set begins at middle C with a 12" bowl and goes all the way up to C4 with a clear crystal handle bowl.  These bowls are amazing to play, with the vibrations very close to pure tone.

They are extremely relaxing to listen to and to play, and are available for sound journeys and energetic vibration experiences.

 Rowena in the zone with the crystal bowls

Rowena in the zone with the crystal bowls

TerraPan Waples 9 tuning

The new Terratonz Waples 9 (D-minor) tuning arrived this week.

These handpans are so amazing I'm compelled to share them.

If you would like to hire them for professional music recording or sound experiences, I'd love to hear from you.

I also offer fundamental level handpan lessons and invite anyone who wants to have a play with these amazing instruments to come and just have a jam. They are excellent for beginners and people with no prior musical experience.

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Meditation group opening night

What a great night! After a brief download we settled into an awesome beach visualisation meditation led by Matt.
I then led a new 15 minute guided sound vibration meditation using the singing bowls.

Elise was enamoured with the Handpan, a unique modern instrument which sounds like its from the ancient east. She played it for us- pretty good! Such a beautiful instrument.

Thanks for coming everyone!