Bloodless Diamonds Australia

Proposal for the creation of the role of
Strategic Operations Manager

The challenge

Bloodless Diamonds Australia is at a pivotal junction in its growth trajectory. Rapid increase in market valuation and an expansion of social enterprise initiatives has provided new challenges and new opportunities. We believe that the creation of a new management role to assist in the design, communication and implementation of these initiatives will forward the companies goals of becoming a holder of mining equity with an active role in international social justice programs, healthcare initiatives and environmental sustainability.

The role

The role of Strategic Operations Manager is to facilitate the design, communication and implementation of programs that forward the social, environmental and economic goals of Bloodless Diamonds Australia (the company) in line with the companies ethical operations framework.

A breakdown of specific tasks is as follows:

  • Create and maintain a map of the existing company structure in an accessible visual format
  • Design a code of ethics to govern social and environmental practices
  • Conceptualize and communicate an internal growth strategy in line with this ethical code
  • Facilitate the creation of online media and marketing materials to assist in operation and expansion, revenue raising and promotion of social and environmental projects
  • Collaborate with management on the development, design, communication and implementation of new and existing social, healthcare and environmental programs
  • Liaise with key global industry partners to facilitate and promote these programs.
  • Manage websites and social media integration

The responsibilities

The role is part of the wider management team, and collaborates directly with the Director and other management positions.

The role assumes the responsibilities as follows:

  • Completion of tasks as necessary to facilitate the ongoing communication of the social, environmental and economic goals of the company
  • Allocation, expenditure and reporting of an annual budget for completion of tasks to be determined by agreement and reviewed on an annual basis
  • Communicating and highlighting the duty of social and environmental care wherever applicable within the scope of operations of the company.

The remuneration

The role is facilitated by an annual remuneration package as follows:

Equity in the company at a proportion of XX% equivalent to X number of shares

A yearly salary of $XX

Performance based bonus in the form of uncut diamond crystals equivalent in value to $XX or above for completion of keystone projects.

The opportunity

The key opportunity for this role is to drive Bloodless Diamonds Australia toward environmental sustainability and social innovation as a progressive, boutique, family focused industry leader with solid ethical foundations by setting up a framework of practices that support local community,  the environment and the integrity of the brand that leads by example in the global corporate landscape.

Personal opportunities for the successful applicant include but are not limited to:

  • Personal financial independence and beyond that - the ability to play big in life
  • Travel to South Africa and India and potentially other amazing locations around the world
  • Social program empowering local engineering students to create renewable energy systems to bring mining operations up to 100% renewable energy use
  • Develop local land reclamation and ecosystem restoration projects
  • Development of a set of business design and management tools to aid in startup based social initiative programs and non profits